What's Our Goal Here
Norman Chen is a Rich to Poor to Rich Businessman who wants to help you become a Million More.

Currently, he focuses on teaching his inner circle members on how to make million more in in his coaching program.

Prepare for life long uncertainties and impermanence, is to have million more, not only for later but from now!

Norman would be ecstatic if you could find ways to making a million more, mindfully plan everything for future-based-uncertainties-impermanence, and create 3 assets.

Norman is really frustrated by the fact that everybody else seems to be an expert in coaching , it’s so easy to get sucked into by mediocre and greedy coaches, many ignorant people out there still unable to rid of their self doubts.

If you still feels you need to get the answers to these questions before you can move forward:

* How do I create assets
* How do I keep my million more and make million more
* How do I make sure I don’t lose everything to uncertainty and impermanence

Everybody else seems to be contended to live in their comfort zone that they failed to take extra precautionary measures against uncertainties and impermanence. In fact, he feels like ignorant individuals actually don’t want million more.

When all is said and done, Norman just wants to teach you to reach freedom through creating assets, teach you how to keep your million more, to make million more, and live and make asset with end in mind; by planning on fundamental of uncertainties and impermanence.

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You can LIVE On assets with MILLION MORE, 100% of the time.

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Attract Money Like Russell Brunson
The Billionaire Guide
Many leaders would trade their daughters in exchange for security when Genghis Khan ruled.

Poor nations traded their treasures in exchange for paper money from wealthier Nations. 

Myanmar traded teak wood, natural gas and gem stones in exchange for loans and investments from their neighbors.

Stuck in the “river”, poor Nations decisions were rarely beneficial.

Losing momentum in the process and feeling discouraged poor nations are often stuck in the middle of the river with limited decisions to make.

Rich nations on the other hand, cruised along the river, created more wealth, more happiness.

The fact that 80% of people still need to trade time for money tells me that many people are stuck on the bank of this “river”.

Is your wealth held up on “the bank of the river” like the log banked up against the shore?

Mistake most people do is to believe in their current skills and mindset can lead them to make money.  

They missed the big picture that the impermanent nature of chaos and uncertainty will take everything away they ever owned.

Impermanence and uncertainty sucks!
We can hate them or ignore them, but we can't live without them.

In one journey after another, we live, love and die.  End of our current destiny brings forth the next destiny, so on and so forth. 

Experience suffering as it is and the truth will manifest itself to you.

Our brain, our mind are linked. When mind talks to the brain, we can influence our belief, our health, our relationship and our wealth. 

Start the communication today!!!
The Billionaires, not surprisingly only a few of them in this world, are floating along the "river" swiftly. 

On a same journey with a different outcome for many of us.

Billionaires don’t wait for one thing to happen before they begin the next.

Billionaires don’t wait to be “perfect” before they move on to start the next thing!

Unlike the Billionaires, you are taught sequential thinking, planning and executing.

Let it be simultaneous like most Billionaires are doing.

What parallels can you draw from the rich and the poor nations?

Do you have absolute clarity in your mind?

Establish a clear and achievable path by setting small goals.  Win small and head towards bigger one next, one destination after the other. 

Our mind thrives in clarity so implement your plan clearly and practice makes subconscious.

Ever struggled with tying your shoe laces on the first day to school? 

What happened to tying shoe laces now?

After a few initial struggle, tying shoe laces became a subconscious task. Similarly driving a car too became a subconscious task.

Attracting money can be a subconscious task. You will be attracting money day in day out. if you have a clear plan and if you practice enough.

Money is an excellent servant but a terrible master.
There is nothing that will work so faithfully as money, night and day for 24/7. 

Let money work for you, and you have the best servant in the world. 

The number one reason people give up trying to make money because it is “hard”. It is hard only when the path is not clear. 

It is hard if you have to crawl instead of walk.

It is extremely hard when it is still a conscious effort.

In pricing your products or services you are attracting money based on market condition.

You will only end up giving discount to continue to stay in the red ocean. 

The longer in the red ocean the more money you will lose!

Hardwired into his brain, my business partner finds it a hard problem to ASK for money. 

Money is attracted to people who ask for Money. 

The people who are asking for money from their clients are the one who attract money!

My partner is still waiting to come up with the perfect product.

Never see from your point of view, look from the buyer’s angle! 
The value and the amount of money clients want to pay is client’s point of view and not yours!

Test it out and get the opinions from clients from their point of view!

Overdeliver in value and ASK for money!

Ask for money effortlessly and unconsciously, because when client’s decide to give us their money we know we delivered value.

Setting in motion your plans don't wait for one thing to happen before you take on the next.

If you are like me, tired of being the 80% and want to hang out with the top 20% wealthy!
Then join me on my journey to attract money and get money to move towards us!

1.  Let’s get the 10 things done SIMULTANEOUSLY and SUBCONSCIOUSLY before Christmas 2020!

2. Write every morning an email to send to our clients.

3. Excite and speed up clients’ attention by providing interesting Hooks, Story and Offers.

4.  Post at least 1 story in your Social Media daily.

5. Compile your daily email into an e-book.

6. Build a landing page (website or funnel) today

7. Lead followers to our landing page with our daily social media post.

8. Complete a membership site on Facebook so that our followers can benefit from our contents and networking.

9. Set up a value ladders for others to climb and give them gold stars when they achieve the goals we set up for them.

10. Develop a mastermind course valued at $9997.

11. Achieve a million more (tying shoe laces) over 12 months. 

12. Don’t give excuses and don’t procrastinate because the transformation in you during the journey is worth the pain.

13. Set up accountability between ourselves. Email me to let me know how much you accomplished daily . 

Delete The Image In The Head
The Scissors Of Consciousness
One layer after another it peeled away into another. It was INFINITE consciousness at play.

Snipped and gone!

Waited for the next. 

A few seconds later, sniped and gone.

It was a forest with grounded roots and unknown faces.

In between the whites were greys; uneven in places, a stain or a pattern, vanished and risen now and then.

Sitting crossed legged for an hour, snipping away with aid of conscious mind - like a pair of scissors snipping images, calming sparkles in my brain. Billions if not trillions at a time, just an incredible feat of task.

A consciousness appeared on top of the earlier one.

An illusion immensely powerful that won't refuse to go away.

The awareness sharp like a razor on the tender skin.  I labelled the consciousness in words.  

"If you take note my friend...your hard work will pay off, even the stars were no match for you". 

Each "intending", "diminishing", and "sniping" were engaging.   

The EGO and the GREED behind the scene, dangerously infiltrated the brain, into a crazy frenzy.

The itch was sure to hit. A little scratch would feel so great; only to experience more tumbling itch.

What's the purpose of the sensation of itch? 

Wasn't it but a response game?  Or was the craving desiring for more?

Realization came and go, the more one stop an itch with a snip,  the longer it take to come back in.

Mindfully, it was possible to stop an itch with the mind muscle  grinding it.

The energy, going up and down the windpipe, looked more like an elevator shaft, without an instruction it banged to the left and to the right. 

A concentration added a voice guided the energy to flow up and down.

There was a comfort in watching the flow and it seemed the sufferings were put at bay.  

Hooked to the flow, diminishing blackness blurred by whiteness, the next was an earthquake swaying back and forth.  

The shadow moved in and out in black and yellow colours at times.  Those cloudy blue and colorful rainbows didn't come anymore.

The adaptability of body mind was simply amazing.  

The mind didn't  venture far past the comfort zone.  Scheduled ahead of each attempt, in a manner of progressive growth, expands into discomfort zone and the colourful hues returned to a dancing mood.

A sacred world or a bigger SELF.   Who's to say the mind was right...the brain was million years of DNA in building.  Overiding the mind the brain intoxicated, with its chemical affecting and weakening the mind.

Squeezed into that in-between moment of whiteness then the black re-emerged.  It wasn't pure white you know...not when there wasn't experience of great discomfort.  

Comfort must make room for discomfort to pervade and evade to generate a white space-ball liken to a cocoon over the SELF.  

The corners ironed and sailed into a white endless curve. As pureness and tranquility prevailed, the mind active without  control.  Such was the pleasure of that moment.

I could imagine how someone could self immolate.  The body and the mind could be separated indeed but it was an expert trait that took hearts to master.

Separate your body from your mind once every so often.  The experience was an eye-opening wonder.  

Join me using our voice to give instruction to our mind to build strong mind muscles to segregate the body and mind.

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Left Brain and Right Mind
The sound of an opening door.

With "me" on the left side of the brain.

A thought rose to the right side, thinking who walked in the door.

Out of nowhere the story of my maid....

Just in time! Imagination would otherwise run amok with the story spinning round the clock.

Stumped by how a sound lead from one picture to a story, the engine of thoughts vs the awareness of consciousness.  

Invincible was the mind until the brain sparkled a fire-work magnificently clobbered the fickled mind.

In capturing sound and sight, our ceaselessly flexed muscle of thoughts continue our quest for truth, a cause worthy of our effort in the pursuit of the greatest truth.

Truth is in the experience.  Truth is walking on the middle path.  Truth is Wisdom in the mind.

The journey in searching for the truth, rough and tough as it may be, pales in comparison against the journey of experience.  

Searching an act of conscious intention, experiencing a subconscious task devoid of intention. 

Moving forward on the path, distraction and familiarity slows you down.  Aversion is natural but not a favourite with the brain.  

Like a sunrise and a sunset, shutting your eyes didn't stop anything, realising the ending of each process is soothing.

Nevermind you miss a beat realising you missing a beat is equally good. Consistency is the key for only then you know the nonsense and suffering.

Tomorrow will wax and wan, start today to see the passing and again tomorrow too will pass.
For it isn't the nails in the bucket that matters but the bucket the holds the nails that counts.

Consciousness whatever you are, wherever you are, whoever you are, my journey started with an intention and my end will last with an intention.
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6th Sense
The pop ups made little sense.  Some of it familiar others were made up.  Like a dream, the image has no footing and as real it may seem, being conscious vanished them

Snippets of images the brain released and engaged in them lost inside them.

In my mediation session, the key is my intention.  Directing my intention to observing, I avoided the intrusive attitude.  Relax and observe the dissolution...impermanence became a friend too.

Stepped back two steps to look from far for the vision became clearer.  Intention fell in place and the impermanence again set its' tempo.

Dealing with day to day scenario, engaged into the nitty gritty and feel lost, or step back to see the picture with clarity, insert intention and watch the it fade away.

Trained to take action and responsibility, a contrast to meditation, we are obsessed with intruding and averting, in the process creating more pain.

Stepping back, intending to a fading movie, the bigger objective is no objective...

Enjoy of the present moment, however Self and Greed shadow they stealth and silently they thrive under the radar of consciousness, we once again fall victim over the same.   Intending dropped, ending began, and dissipating of the 6th sense observed. Repeat the process over and over again.

Wisdom should step in and leave no room from Self and Greed, for when we know the wheel of life, the quadrant in which we are in, the path we need to hitch and run.

By itself Wisdom is short, with momentum, Wisdom is long. A lengthened Wisdom comes in handy to acknowledge the fuel that yet to ignite.
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Practical Meditation
Why the why do we meditate?
Meditate to avoid suffering.  

Avoid suffering through dropping intention. 

Drop intention to observe the ending.

Observe the ending to begin.

In spirit, health, wealth and relationship, that's the journey this life is all about, the end is apparent and the process appalling.

1.  In spirit, intend to die peacefully. On death, our sharpened consciousness would end up in  another great body for another intended journey.

2.  In health, intend to nourish the body, to provide energy to be aware in this life journey.

3.  In wealth, intend to earn karma, to provide the humanity time to acquire Wisdom.

4.  In relationship, intend to influence, to persuade the others to experience and practice meditation so humanity on as whole could walk on the middle path to stop suffering forever.

The practice of meditation is to increase awareness: laser in on the technique to habitual engagement.  In the end, we will purify consciousness as a whole, in al existence of the world, in all living things, forever.

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Rhythmic Meditation
Cha Cha Cha, the music dictates the rhythm. 
In meditation there is a rhythm too.

The rhythm we dance to has a great tempo. 

A force, unknown to mankind, lives in us, at a rhythm so faint you will miss.  May be closer to a greyish black, the shadowy rhythm moving in and out, a soothing calm, quick and short, inconsistently powerful.

The story of the fox with the rabbit at the bar having a beer talking of what they would do when the hunter-hounds would come.  Rabbit would dash towards river with all her might.  Fox being smart has 3 action routes.  One to run away as fast as possible, two to run in circle around the trees, and third to climb to the top of the tree.

When the hounds got into the bar, the rabbit scrambled true to her words, the fox deliberated which of the 3 actions to choose, caught the fox and ate the fox alive.

The choices isn't the a solution until practice makes perfect. 

Soothing rhythm eases the desire to scratch. The desirous thoughts unwatched is a burning itch, don't scratch, just experience suffering of the itch.

The brain releases a spark and out of no where the image appears in the mind and soon a self centred movie begins of a story from the past.

Brings back the awareness and the story disappears.  Every so often the mind manifests itself in stories only by intention it halts.

My conquest begins with the itch, the rhythm of the force, intention of my voice, and observing the demise of the itch.

Unbearable is a feeling that can be overcome. Feel the itch disappear....comes back to hunt again.

Practice asking WHY and wisdom will develop against the suffering you experience.
Even in the sleep observe the itch. Apply the rhythm and the WHY. Soon you realise the power of the mind.

The journey may be hard but the reward is immensely handsome. Stick to the view for it will lead you.

You will emerge with greater wisdom, such is needed in tackling the change. The change is more than a goal, it is caterpillar into a butterfly.

Start today, meditate with solving itch in mind, not with scratch but with rhythm, not with hand but with words. 

See you on the other side of the world.

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Quantum Mind
A heightened consciousness equals a slower brain.
The million of firing neurons, a spectacular show, lit up the night sky inside my mind.

On an early morning routine to the toilet to release the full bladder overnight, the shooting stars kept coming inwards towards my vision self.

Diminish right in front of my shut eyes, the millions of bright stars, contrasting the night sky, my mind starts asking why, my fascination kept my eyes in the sky.

The place is a familiar sight, until the blanket of white like the fog that snow the sky, the stars suddenly seemed to fade away, in between the thin sheet of ice.

An awaken brain, an antonym to consciousness, limits my view of my mind. Consciousness my freedom to the universal sky is a prisoner of my awake body and brain.

What if we have a brain that filters not the consciousness, cares not about reality or sensibility.

What if life is a dream of no human reality.

What if the consciousness is free throughout the wakeful day.

The body and brain, a boundary limited by movement and agility, rotting in vail of time and space.

The brain filters the 5 senses into a memory and deeds, brings reality, to create intention, action and potential towards a karmic points.

The consciousness roams and thrives, with unimaginable directions and force, in trillions we cannot begin to count.

Like a TV antenna, the mind is a creation, that tames the consciousness, make sense of objects and thoughts of everyone.  

We see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear....what if there are no distance, no time, and no space!

No control but unlimited energy however chaotic and un-orderly consciousness is, such a world would be unproductive and extinct for uncertainty will kill us all.

Why such an unsubstantial view? The are energy all around and the limitations are set to stay.  

Tap uniqueness, seep into the source of unlimited energy, exceed past the mediocracy, live a superior and karma-ful live.  

Purify consciousness, live a good life, we will not regret a re-birth. 

As we run on the path of consciousness, towards a journey of the next, until we run out of road ahead, lets use the body, brain and mind to rein in consciousness, to score a journey of positive karmic points.

Remember, our mind is our gateway to consciousness, the unlimited energy pool, that if we use correctly, will put us on the path of cessation of suffering.

In honest truth, we use too much of our body and brain, we don't use enough our mind, therefore we fail to absorb consciousness in our daily waking life.  

Such is an irony that should now be reviewed and put into action immediately.

Start today, use your mind, voice your awareness, concentrate to align the stars, absorb the unlimited energy of consciousness into your hearts and start to accumulate karmic points so that on your rebirth; the journey to the next will a purified path of consciousness.

With limited time left before we die connect with me find out how we can voice awareness, concentrate on the stars and suck in conscious energy. Send me today an email

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Nothing to lose or plenty to lose?

Denial is when we have nothing to lose, confusion relates to failure, and weakness finds excuse.

All products of the BRAIN, a creator of a world of false money, hope, suffering and happiness.

Polarisation set forth by the falsehood, limitation of boundary and the symptoms of weak consciousness.  Poor gets poorer, Rich is richer, the contrast is a lift to heaven and to hell.

Overcome takes practice, a true understanding and a right view

1.  Money in the bank assumed being the goals. Disgusted with so much money that it is thrown around to magically manufacture and dissolve problems.

The false world created a false money to trap weakened earthlings into submission. The exceptions are few who indulge in consciousness, threaten the fabric of a false world and her material world.

2.  A zero sum game.  Money moves from right pocket or the left.  From one government to another, one bank to the next, owner to a following, customer to the boss, employers to the employees and parents to the children.

3. Money a creator of subjective feelings likened to a knife poke into heart of consciousness. A sharpener for greed and selfishness. An engine that feeds on impermanence and suffering. 

Wall of pressure in your face, succumb and comply, for you suffer otherwise that preys on your feelings and your mind.

The truth of it all, like the field on north and south pole, sits a force, untapped and obscured.

Access to the force, with an empty mind and a brain empty of grief and joy, the logics are not in play, the senses are shut off, and then set your goals and set in motion with the flow.

1. The tools you can, plan the end, with what you do at the end determines how you can.

2. Uncomfortable it may seem, but that's the game. The enemy will discourage you with a greedy self.

3. Keep riding on the train of consciousness. Use your voice, alarm the mind, hone-in the eye and overshoot the time. Illusions are creation of the brain, disembark the train you fall for temptation.

The brain will revenge and seek to divert your course. Your peers will look down or suck up on you. The mind may melt like a cheese ready to be devour by denials and excuses.

Aim far, 10x your path, and take all the calculated risks to lay out a super wide and long path. You will not fail, the consciousness flow will swipe you along on the path to your goal.

1. Set a big wide long path.

2. Ride on consciousness

3. Empty the brain with the mind

4. Remind the mind with your voice

5. Begin with end in mind.

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What is the possibility of you thinking one thing and doing another?

The rain is a solution at times and too much of it is a pain.

Sometimes the farmer wants rain and at times during the harvest of the grapes the rain is not welcome.

Without the rain everything is in vain.

When is the rain going to come and go?  How come the rain cannot last forever? 

Without the brain there is no mind. What good is consciousness without brain and mind?

Action cannot be carried out.
Destination cannot be embedded.
Greed and Self cannot anchor and survive.

What happen when brain is a driver when the mind a vehicle, or if the mind is a driver and brain the vehicle?

What if consciousness is the traffic police?

When the brain and mind are a pot of stew, consciousness a force, adding salt and pepper becomes flavourful.

When unchecked the mind is speeding. The presence of police immediately slows the driver down.

Police cannot be everywhere, so when there is an accident the police blames.  Instead of deterring, the reaction is to instill fear.

The consciousness too can go unchecked and corrupted.  When the Police is corrupted the road becomes unsafe with drivers chaotic and erratic.

Traffic police is of no use when there is no car and no driver.

When there is a car but no driver the police is redundant.

When there is a driver but not car the police is not required.

When life is without driver there is no need for police.  So if there is a driver, there must be a car, only then a police is required.

Who is paving the road for the driver to drive the car, and the police to enforce the traffic?

The driver will pay to pave the road, so that the car fuelled by the driver can drive on the road. While the police are also paid to work, the driver can safely to drive to work.

Why do we need a traffic police? 

If a government is consciousness, strict, discipline and omnipresence, a country will be in order and prosper.

If a government is consciousness, lazy, greedy and absent, a country will dilapidate and collapse into poverty and shame.

If a government is consciousness, full of ambitions and aggressiveness, the people will be hostile and restless. Such a country will drown in success, suffering, although wise, sometimes loving and other times resentful.

What is government is the fabric of a great nation? Why a balance, discipline and omnipresence government is the better government?

If air is consciousness, breathing fresh air is appreciated.

Foul air contaminates and is dangerous.

No air removes all form of life.

Wrong air kills life.

Hot air and cold air make a difference sometimes pleasant sometime painful.

Mild wind is inviting and strong wind is damaging.

If Air is consciousness, it is everywhere, we take for granted until the air is foul or gone....

If Air is consciousness, we can survive without air.

If Air is consciousness, we can expect turbulence.

If Air is consciousness, we build a strong house to withstand the angry air.

How can air be disturbed? Is it affected by an energy?

What precise energy can change DNA of air? Why is it important to keep air fresh and pleasant? Why is it important to have moderate movement of air.  

The same can be asked of Consciousness. What is the energy keeping Consciousness flowing?
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Bring Out Your Mystical Power

You came out of nowhere and in a few seconds you vanished.  

Distinct genders, colors in your faces, eyes focus and neither happiness nor unhappiness appears in your face.  I don't remember, who you are, where we have met and why you are here.

Flattened corners and smoothed rough surface starts to appear.

A moment of blankness after shadows disappeared.

Near Death Experience (NDE) or  (OBE) are  phenomenons for few, and a daily experience for me. I encountered as I crossed my legs and meditate.

Body succumbs and NED comes in 60 minutes and OBE in 90 minutes.

Our body passes, consciousness survives. With a new heart beat, the karma subsumes, a new body forms, and renascence begin.  

Prepare to race, time and date not known, it is a race to unknown.

A strong army prepares to fight, with a purpose to die.  

Living ready to die, a life without limit. Observe the future, delete the past, live in present with confidence. 

Are you ready to tell stories of your NED and OBE?

Failing which you cannot live ready to die, you cannot enjoy a life without knowledge of your limitation, and your everlasting consciousness.

Health, wealth and relationship align when you life becomes unlimited in time.

Keep in mind experience the end of life early in time so you can confidently amend your past and live a pleasant life.

So I encourage you to see the end now and if you don't know how join me in Vipassana meditation and connect with me via my email

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What if you and I are the same realm of consciousness.

Your mind and my mind are from the same block of consciousness with the only difference being our stories which live in and experiences we are going through.

What's the potential of such truth and the takeaway of such a clue?

1.   Never ending truth
2.   Common enemy
3.   Body is the filter
4.   Society is the creator
5.   Common energy from the air, water, heat, and nutrients.
6.   Bonded and connected
7.   Contributing to consciousness
8.   Identity is a character in the story
9.   Events are scenarios of a longer story
10. Ending is already written in the story.

What is my story....

Ignorant and stupid.  Lived in desired driven world, enticed by materialism, lost in the sea of lust and drown in vice.

1.  Met a Monk became a monk
2.  My journey to purifying consciousness begins
3.  Knowledge of life's purpose is clear
4.  Wisdom purifies actions contributing to positive reactions
5.  Running out of time, the path isn't drawn out but the lightings are sufficiently clear.
6.  Sprint towards the light, the path ahead will be available just in time for the next step to land.
7.  Positive karma points multiplies in purity the consciousness in which we all share.

Walk with me on a journey within the realm of same consciousness:

1. Our top priority in loving kindness
2. Purify our mind with strong filtering of senses 
3. Sensitive to what we are exposed to in our daily life
4. Meditate a lot to observe impermanence, suffering and the path to selflessness
5. Impart the knowledge to people we love

A group of fans walking the path sharing, the experiences, and we shall never part even when we physically die.

The rebirth will take place soon enough but no matter in what name and form we shall be together common in our consciousness purifying and walking the path.
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Uncomfortable Actions
Why the why do we meditate?
Meditate to avoid suffering.  

Avoid suffering through dropping intention. 

Drop intention to observe the ending.

Observe the ending to begin.

In spirit, health, wealth and relationship, that's the journey this life is all about, the end is apparent and the process appalling.

1.  In spirit, intend to die peacefully. On death, our sharpened consciousness, would end up in  another great body for another intended journey.

2.  In health, intend to nourish the body, to provide energy to be aware in this life journey.

3.  In wealth, intend to earn karma, to provide the humanity time to acquire Wisdom.

4.  In relationship, intend to influence, to persuade the ignorants and the non-believers to experience and practice meditation so humanity on as whole could walk on the middle path to stop suffering forever.

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